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07 May: What does a virtual Conference look like?

The Crisis Lab 4.0 Annual Crisis Communications Conference is going virtual and we’re thankful the technology is available for us to create this experience and opportunity. The event still takes place on 4 June, and you can expect an excellent experience, with the option of allowing you to experience it from anywhere in the world….

11 Oct: Dissolving Grande Cache

Grande Cache in Alberta, which touts itself as a mountain oasis surrounded by spectacular wilderness, has announced its intention to dissolve as an official municipality and fold into the surrounding Municipal District of Greenview. The reason for this decision is primarily sited because of the economic downturn in Alberta. Mayor Herb Castle noted that, “it’s…

11 Oct: The Value of Joint Communications Partnerships with First Nations

More and more, municipalities are seeing the value of collaboration and creating joint strategies including economic development, and emergency communications. The importance of looking to surrounding First Nations for this same effort is invaluable in coming together to learn from each other and work on common priorities. When considering the join communications approach with First…

27 Jul: Communicating Big Data: How to Create Story-Driven Infographics

Communicating Big Data: How to Create Story-Driven Infographics There is no better way to blend data, style, and content than with a well-crafted infographic. We live in the age of Big Data and it’s important as communicators we keep that in mind when conveying information to our audiences. While Big Data provides us with new…

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