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Preparedness Saves Lives: Six-Part Webinar Series

October 29th – Crisis Prevention and Risk Management

Crisis prevention is an essential aspect of business that is often ignored. People don’t like to think about the possibility of a crisis occurring, which leads to the idea being swept under the rug. The reality is, with every dollar spent on emergency preparedness, two dollars are saved in emergency response efforts (source: Healy and  Malhorta). 

Knowing that you can save a significant amount of time, energy, face, and even lives the more prepared for the worse you are, there are several ways you can evaluate your current readiness. Does your business or organization have an emergency plan in place? Who will execute the plan? What if there’s a crisis you haven’t anticipated? These are all important questions you have to ask yourself when dealing with risk management.

One way in which you can lower the impact of a risk is to perform an audit within your organization. While doing this, ask yourself:

-what are some threats to our organization?

-what emergency situations are we most likely to face? Fire? Flood? Health?

-what preparedness measures are already in place? When is the last time they were exercised or tested?

To go more in-depth about these topics, register for our FREE webinar series? In the first of six webinars, Katie Robertson of the Crisis Communications Institute will discuss the roles communications play in crisis prevention and risk management. 

The first webinar will focus on uncovering the role communications plays in crisis prevention and risk management. Practical ways in which you can audit and increase your preparedness to mitigate the risk of a crisis, and how to minimize the damage when it does happen. Register by using the link below!

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