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Five Ways To Improve Your Crisis Response Right Now
1. Call a Surprise Drill

Research has shown that individuals are more likely to prepare for risks if they believe them to be imminent.

2. Conduct a Channel Audit

When examining where people go for information during a crisis, news/social first then government.

3. Test One Of Your Spokespeople

Call them and conduct an impromptu interview – use the 77 Most Commonly Asked Questions to get started

4. Educate Your Audience

76% of Canadians believe extended power outages are their biggest risk and up until recently, an outbreak of a serious disease was second. What’s your biggest threat right now? Educate your audience on how to be prepared.

5. Learn from the Front Lines

The EMC Certification™ program was developed by expert researchers and consultants in the industry. Learn at your own pace, and elevate the standards of crisis and emergency management communications.

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